Prickly pear seeds oil

This fruit is highly valued for its nutritional qualities. The oil extracted from the prickly pear seeds have a great therapeutic and cosmetic value. One liter of oil can easily exceed 1,000 euros in Europe.


South of Morocco – Ait Baamrane region


Cosmetic ingredients manufacturing


Moroccan producer of Saffron


The region of Ait Baâmrane in southern Morocco has the ideal climate for more than 45,000 hectares of land used to grow prickly pears. The fruits cultivation is a major source of local income, accounting for 57% of total agricultural business in the region.


To improve the performance of the value chain, the collaborative platform has several challenges to address starting with the low cooperation between production links and the lack of short channels. However, it is worth mentioning that prickly pear is farmed and offers a possibility of mapping and tracing to the farm.


Measuring Success With Facts

Prickly pear is highly targeted by frauds affecting product integrity.

The risks of pesticide / insecticide (i.g. Chlorpyrifos) contamination always require vigilance.

Producers holding direct contracts with local farmers are the best.

Prickly pear is highly targeted by frauds affecting product integrity.

Organic supplies are relatively limited and Fairtrade is rare.

Yield varies depending on the extraction process, geographical origin, harvest period, fruit ripeness.