Saffron is the only spice in the world extracted from a flower. It is extracted with a delicate move flower after flower, it is labor-intensive and meticulous work that requires a lot of patience.


South of Morocco – Taliouine region


Food /Cosmetic ingredients manufacturing


Moroccan producer of Saffron


Produced in the south of Morocco on the Atlas Mountains and more precisely in the region of Taliouine, the local farmers provide a limited quantity of saffron pistils and dried petals of organic grade.


During the harvest season and the pruning and drying operations, the selected suppliers access the collaborative platform and share all the data and proofs related to every production stage covering Provenance, Quality checks, and Sustainability commitments.


Measuring Success With Facts

Saffron is highly targeted by frauds affecting product integrity.

Only the best honest suppliers are also open to end-to-end supply chain traceability.

Supply tiers involved can be downsized to 1 or 2 when buying from the Taliouine region.

The risks of microbiological contamination always require vigilance.

Organic and Fairtrade supplies are relatively limited. Good manufacturing practices are often documented and proven to clients.

Harvesting season is labor intensive and requires detailed traceability.